Donations for the Hiskey Family

Yesterday, my sister, Shelly Hiskey and her husband, Mark Hiskey, and their children, lost their house in the Woolsey fire. Everyone is safe, pets included. We are all devastated by this loss and words are difficult to find. But what we do have is a village. A village who will help them and the hundreds of others rebuild. People have asked, what can they do to help those in need? Gift cards to Amazon or Target is one way. Surrounding them with love and friendship is another. No one is alone but right now, it’s so easy to feel that way.

After the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue, one of our 3rd graders responded with, “out of bad things can come good.” And right now, while it seems like a dark cloud has descended upon them and thousands of others, we must also look at the opportunities to dream and find the good.

Here is information for those who wish to buy gift cards

To send a digital gift card:

  1.  Click to add this product to your cart
  2.  Select an amount, and choose ’email’ (default) as the delivery
  3.  Enter into the To: field:
  4. Enter your ‘From’ name and any message and then click the ‘Add To cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the top right.
  5. Check out as usual and Shelly will get an email with a code to use to shop at

To send a digital Target gift card (usable in store or online), visit this address:

  1. Click to add this gift card to your cart
  2. Choose your value on the right side and choose ’email’ for delivery method
  3. Click ‘Add to cart’, then ‘view cart and checkout’,
  4. CLick ‘I’m ready to check out’, and sign in with a account or create a new account, and continue
  5. After that, you’ll be able to specify a name and address to send it to.  For the To: (email address) field use
  6. then ‘Save and Continue’ and proceed with checkout