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Welcome to my new blog

I’ve been talking about doing this for a long time.  But talk is cheap and action is greater.  (OK, I have no idea what the real saying is but there are just some things that I like to create myself. :-))

There are so many times that I read something, do something, experience something that I want to share it with others.  I’ve already immersed myself greatly into the social networking world of Facebook and Twitter that this just seemed like the next perfect step.

I’m inspired by blogs such as Imabima and Or Am I.  And just recently, we started a TBS blog that will be written by not only myself and the incredible TBS staff, but also by TBS congregants and other guest bloggers.

So here it goes, diving into the blogging world.  I can’t say that I will post as often as some bloggers, but I’m hoping to use this space as a way to share more about what I’m thinking and experiencing.  Who knows, maybe it will even inspire.