From Krakow to Prague via Brno

This was a traveling day. We took a bus from Kraków to Prague. During our travels, we stopped at Brno. Our first visit was to a synagogue built in 1936. The other synagogues of the city have been destroyed post war and also during Soviet occupation. We enjoyed lunch in the main square at a wonderful restaurant where yes, I even got to wield the sword. Felt very Game of Thrones!

We explored the old square area and where the Jewish quarter was.

Back on the bus for another 2 1/2 hours to Prague. The road took us through the mountains where we ran into more traffic of people coming home from enjoying the day.
When we finally arrived, we dropped our bags and then walked to the main town square. Every corner we turned left my fingertips a beautiful new view of the 11 centuries of architecture. We also got to see the astronomical clock that was built in 1410 and still works. Yes, we stood there for 18 minutes waiting for the top of the hour and to watch the 12 apostles rotate around and the skeleton ring the bell.
After enjoying a nice dinner and a café outside, we headed to back to the hotel to get some sleep and prepare for a full day of walking throughout the city of Prague.