Abuse of Power!

I am trying to find the right words for what we are seeing in our country! Alabama, shame on you! Shame on the Governor who is a woman and signed the anti-Abortion law. This is not about abortion rights, this is about control of women and their bodies by those who use their religious beliefs as the basis for their decision. You want to get religious on me? OK, not every religion agrees about when life begins. And don’t get medical on me about the “fetal heartbeat” that this is life. Go ahead, see if the fetus can survive outside the womb at 8 weeks! This is an attack on our constitutional rights of freedom of religion.

If your religion tells you that life begins at conception, I respect you. And I’m not going to tell you what to do with your body. But my religion tells me that life begins at birth and the health of the mother, physical and psychological, comes first. And I would hope you would respect that. But apparently, the right wing conservative evangelicals want to force their religious beliefs on all. Hmmm, and people complain about Sharia law; congratulations Alabama, you’re starting to implement it!

You want to get Biblical: Exodus 21:22-23 discusses two men who are fighting and injure a pregnant woman causing her to miscarry. The verse states that if no other harm is done, the person who caused the damage must pay compensatory damages, but if there is further harm, then he should pay with his life. The common rabbinic interpretation is that if the only harm that comes to the woman is the loss of the fetus, it is treated as a case of property damage — not murder. The Mishna goes on to say that if a woman’s life is in peril, physically or psychologically, then it is not only permissible it is mandates that the pregnancy should be terminated. However, once a woman goes into labor and the head emerges, then one is to do everything possible to save both lives.

So government, get back to governing and get out of my body and the bodies of other women and men too!

Yeah, I’m angry! And I know I’m unleashing a lot here where many will want to comment and argue. I ask, be respectful. And ask yourself, do you want someone dictating what you can and can’t do with your body?

More to come I’m sure!