Something Soft

I spent the night at my sister’s home (the wonderful place they have made their home after they lost their house in the Woolsey fire). I brought bedding for us because, like many others who left their homes, they only came out with a few items. As we were making the beds last night, Shelly walked in and had a couple of blankets in her arms. “For some reason we left with the air beds and these blankets! We didn’t take the Nambe or the beautiful Chanukiah that was a one of a kind made by our friend’s uncle. But we took these. You never really know what you’re going to take.”

I thought about this for a while and realized the following: the Nambe and the beautiful Chanukiah, yes, they would have been great to have. But there is something about a cozy blanket. You wrap yourself in it and feel warm, like a hug. I don’t know why they chose to grab those items as they packed up the car the night they left their home, but they did. Maybe it was because the blanket’s hug called to them to take them with. That the blankets would be there to wrap itself around them when they were cold or just needed a hug.

There are no rhymes or reasons why they took what they did, but I have to say, wrapped in those very familiar blankets that I’ve slept under many times before, it felt very good last night, like a warm hug.