Reflections on November 9, 2016 – after the election

President Obama made a prediction, that the sun would come up today no matter the outcome of the election. And it has. It may not be the morning (or the night into the morning) that we expected or hoped for, but yes, the sun came up this morning. And we must uphold and preserve what our Founding Fathers established for our country: A smooth transition of power. And each of us, no matter how we cast our ballot yesterday, should be proud to be Americans and only hope for the best for our country and all people. 

While Secretary Hillary Clinton may not have shattered the glass ceiling, she certainly put a number of major cracks in it, and for this we should be very proud. That ceiling will be broken, I have no doubt. As women, we can be proud of how far we have come and we are grateful to the men who have supported our cause. I just pray that some day we will not have to keep referencing how far women have come but rather to say that all leaders who create change should be praised, regardless of gender.

Today I reminded my daughter and my son that while there is a cloud of disappointment – how could there not be after working so hard over these many months – they are both capable of creating change and working to ensure success for themselves and for the world. They are both young adults who will take on the mantle of leadership in our world soon enough and need to be champions for justice and compassion for all. We must all work together to ensure we leave this world a little better than it was when we first arrived. 

Yesterday, I studied with adults and 7th graders the following from the Rashbam on Exodus 23:2: “(2) לא תהיה אחרי רבים לרעות, if, in your opinion, the majority are about to commit an error in judgment, do not remain silent because they are the majority, but state your view. This applies even if you know beforehand that they will not accept your viewpoint but that of the majority.”

We must all remember, even when there is a majority opinion, if we truly believe something is not right, then it is our imperative to not remain silent. 

The election may not have gone the way we hoped or expected, but we must strive to work together and build the bridges that have been torn apart from both sides. Let us always speak out for what is right in order that we may stand proudly in front of the world and say, “We are Americans and we are grateful for the freedom we have earned as a country and no one can ever take that away from us.” 

The sun has come up once again and it will continue to come up every day, the question that remains is, what will we do with each day?