Look Where We’ve Come in Two Years


It’s hard to believe that two years ago our synagogue was on fire. At first, we all said it was just a kitchen fire. But months passed and layer after layer was removed before we could not smell the smoke or see the smoke damage any more. The fire cost us our building, down to the studs.

Here we are, two years and 11 million dollars later and look where we are! TBS outside at night

We are better than ever. And not just with the building.
We are better because we built relationships and partnerships. We could not be where we are today with out the volunteer committee of our Living Legacy and our dedicated Board of Directors. We could not be here today without the generosity of our congregation contributing to rebuilding. We could not be here today without a very dedicated staff who is not afraid to roll up their 23133496521_ca16e455df_zsleeves, pack, move and unpack (more than just once). We could not be here today if we did not believe in ourselves, Temple Beth Sholom, and know that we would rise from the ashes even better.
Temple Beth Sholom is not only a house of peace, it is a complete and whole house. While we have walls again, our soul is more complete because every person who enters these doors contribute to the foundation of our ruach, our spirit.


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