Don’t Forget To Breathe!

Stand tall, feet squarely on the mat.
Feel the earth below your feet.
Breathe in and out slowly.
Let go of the to-do lists and everything that’s in your head.

Wait! I have to let go of what!?!? I need my to-do list. What if I forget to call someone? I have a list a mile long that needs to get done today. It’s my one day off of the week and I need to be productive! If I let go of the list, then what will happen to it?

Then it appears in front of me, a suitcase. It welcomes me to put the list in there. Don’t worry, it will be safe. I put my list in the suitcase, it closes and locks itself. I swear it smiled at me letting me know that it will come back after this hour that is just for me.

As you begin your balance pose, remember to breathe!
We’re not holding our breath.
Breathe in deep from your nose down through your body.
Feel the breath as it courses through you and opens not only your muscles

Feel the breath as it courses through you.

I take deep breaths, trying to hold the balance pose. One foot on the ground, the other crossed over my knee, bending with hands at heart center. Now I know why I had to put everything into the suitcase. I needed to focus on not falling over! And then I realize, I’m supposed to breathe! I’ve been holding my breath. Not just at this moment, but I’ve been holding my breath all week. How beautiful breath is – not just life sustaining, but life affirming. It flows in and out of me. When something is stuck in my head or my muscles, I breathe. Then it loosens itself just enough to move so I can see it more clearly and not let it take a strangle hold on me.

Breath, it is the neshamah, the soul that flows within me. The breath is not only in my lungs, but it is every part of me. Don’t forget to experience it. Don’t take it for granted and dismiss it. Let the neshamah flow.

Savasanah – just lie on the floor and breathe.

Sounds pretty easy, right. Not so much. Savasanah requires us to lie there without thinking about anything. Is my suitcase still there? Wait! Let go! Breathe! And I breathe. And then, the bell – roll on to our sides and come to a sitting position. The hour is over. I’ve stretched and strengthened and my muscles are reminding me of that. I’m grateful for the hour and the reminder to breathe. My suitcase returns and opens itself before me. Yes, everything is still there. But it’s all a little more clear and not so overwhelming.

Breathe! I must remember to breathe all week and honor my body and soul.