Let’s Get Ready for Shabbat in Jerusalem

Friday morning and we were all up by 5:00, except JeliYeled, he slept until 8:00! The goal for the day, get some food for the apartment and figure out where we are!

After the Frosted Flakes we got the day before at the local makolet, we were off to find a bigger supermarket. I asked someone the night before where a larger market was and they said, up the street a ways – not totally clear if “up a ways” meant many kilometers or a few blocks.

Driving in Israel is an experience! I have to say, driving in LA has prepared me for some of the craziness, but you just have to not let all the honking throw you off. I think they actually honk just for the fun of it! We attempted to find the large grocery store with no luck, but decided to try and find Camp Rammah where JediYeled will spend the next two weeks. Found the cross streets, but not the gate – we’ll try again…Being that we were out, thought we would try to drive to Mahaneh Yehudah for some vegi and fruit shopping. But finding parking is nearly impossible. After a few circles, we decided it was going to be a lot easier to just go back to the apartment, park the car and either walk or take the bus. We did manage to find the larger grocery store, a mere few blocks from our apartment. I think we’ll be able to walk next time. (Again, no parking except on the street. Really, don’t businesses have to have parking around here?)

We decided it was time to brave the buses. However, finding a map on the internet for the bus system is a bit tricky. The best resource, call and ask a friend! With bus numbers in hand, we were off to Mahaneh Yehudah!

Mahaneh Yehudah, aka, the shuk, is the open air market in Jerusalem with over 250 stalls and the best fruits and vegetables anywhere! The place was packed and the vendors shouting at you can be overwhelming! JediYeled held tight to my hand while GeekAba and DovLev were quickly ahead scouting out the best prices – sorry guys, no coupons here. But as the afternoon wore on and Shabbat was getting closer, vendors were quickly changing their signs so that they did not have to sit on their merchandise till Sunday.

One is always guaranteed to see someone you know in the shuk. I ran into a colleague here with his congregation and the Zimmerman’s from TBS! It is truly a small world!

Finally, with bags in hand, it was time to find the bus, head back to the apartment and get ready for Shabbat.

After a brief nap, we were dressed and walked over to Kol Haneshamah, about 10 minutes from our apartment. The music and the congregation were just as I remembered from 1993-94, except the building now has walls and a roof.

Jet lag was still an issue and JediYeled fell asleep on me during service and DovLev could barely keep her eyes open. We managed to get back to the apartment, fix dinner, start a game of Monopoly (which I am sure will last for a few days), and then to bed. We must have been tired, because we all slept for over 12 hours! Now that’s a way to start Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!