The Long Journey…So Worth It!

JediYeled says, as we begin our journey, “Ima, I’m scared! I’ve never taken a trip this long before? Am I going to be ready to go to camp on Sunday?”

“Yes, honey, if anything, you’ll bounce back faster than any of us.”

17 hours, two planes, a hotel in LA for five hours, and a sheirut from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we are finally in our home for the next six weeks. (Don’t worry, the cat is being well cared for in California with our amazing house sitter, who, did we mention is allergic to cats?)

There is always a feeling of being at home when I come back to visit Israel. The view of the farmland from the air was spectacular! Tel Aviv is a sprawling city reaching to more suburbs, and the land is green and the air is fresh. The people are moving quickly, especially the sheirut driver who maneuvers the streets and alleys with ease – kids, don’t try this at home! People smile as you walk down the street and the man in the fruit stand is more than happy to get you an even bigger and sweeter watermelon from the back.

But the day is made perfect for being in Yerusalayim shel zahav, this city of gold, with the most beautiful sunset right outside our mirpeset.

DovLev, GeekAba and I can’t wait to share it all with JediYeled for his first experience as we welcome him to the land called Yisrael.