A Naming – One Breath at a Time

I officiated at a naming today!  Now that might not sound like something to excited about or even to blog about, but this was a very special naming.  It was for twin boys born last Tuesday, in Atlanta.  It was for twin boys, born last Tuesday, in Atlanta, who are still there because they are only 1 lb 9 oz and 1 lb 5 oz and they are 8 days old today.

Why do a naming for these boys over the phone and while they are still in the hospital?  Because they are 8 days old and they are truly blessings to their parents and family here in California.

Joel and Jeremy are still in critical condition and every day we pray that they will get stronger and their bodies will do what they need to do.  And every day we give thanks to God for caring for them and their parents who are praying with all their might that they will be able to take them home.  Every day we hold our breath as we ask, ‘how are Joel and Jeremy?’

Today, we took a deep breath, recited blessings for thanksgiving and for healing.  Today, we named two beautiful boys and we prayed like we never prayed before that God watch over them and allow them to grow…one breath at a time.